Stanley Bronstrup (10/28/14)

We adjourn tonight’s City Council Meeting in memory of a beloved community member who founded one of Santa Clarita’s most recognizable landmarks.

Stanley Bronstrup opened the Way Station Coffee Shop in Newhall in 1971, less than 30 days after the Sylmar quake destroyed his Smoke Shop.

This example of strategic thinking, hard work and determination exemplifies who Stanley Bronstrup was.

Stanley was more than the kind, generous man so many people came to see at the Way Station.

He served in the Navy and worked in the movie industry before becoming a business owner in Santa Clarita.

Stanley was a fixture at the Way Station for decades. He chatted with patrons, and helped serve the restaurant’s signature plates of hash browns and giant pancakes. He poured coffee for people waiting in line outside. Those who know the Way Station, know there is always a line!

For 43 years, the Way Station Coffee Shop has stood proudly at the corner of 9th and Main in Old Town Newhall. Though Santa Clarita has evolved since the restaurant first opened, the atmosphere inside the Way Station remains the same.

It offers delicious food, great company and a warm, friendly atmosphere. And that’s just how Stanley would want it.

Stanley passed away on October 15, just shy of his 81st birthday. He is survived by his sister, two children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

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