Collin Charles Gore (7/11/17)

I want to take this time to adjourn tonight’s meeting in memory of Collin Charles Gore, a young man who lost his life in a tragic car accident on our City streets in the early hours of July 4th.

Collin recently graduated from Hart High School, where he was a co-captain of the varsity swim team, and was planning on attending San Diego State University this fall.

We have read and seen so much about Collin and his life and the overwhelming theme from everyone who has spoken about him is that Collin was truly one of a kind. Always happy and always smiling, Collin never backed away from helping those who needed him.

I read a story about Collin from his swim coach where he spent extra time with a teammate who had been injured in an accident to help him with his rehabilitation, which shows his genuine caring for others.

This is a tragedy that affects not just Collin’s family, friends and classmates, but all of us throughout Santa Clarita.

I want to extend our thoughts and prayers to Collin’s family and friends, his teammates and all those he had an impact on during his short time with us. He will be greatly missed by all.

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