Michelle Dorsey

I would like to adjourn tonight’s meeting in memory of Michelle Dorsey, a local mother, daughter, sister and friend who was killed tragically in April.

Michelle was raised here in the Santa Clarita Valley, growing up in the Castaic area.

She went to Live Oak Community Elementary School, Castaic Middle School and eventually Valencia High School before going on to complete her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Michelle was a loving mother of three young boys.

She was described as the best mother you could’ve asked for.

Her sister remembers how much time she spent with her boys, taking them fishing and camping.

She said – she was so dedicated to them and just loved them with her whole heart and soul.

The community has rallied around the Dorsey family and her sister, who has taken in her three boys.

As we adjourn in her memory tonight, let’s remember Michelle as the loving and devoted mother she was…but also seek justice on her behalf, for the life that was stolen from her too soon and for the future with her children that was cut short.

Dorsey is survived by her three sons, sister Jessica, her brother DJ and mother, Cheryl.

She was 41 years old.

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