Cheryl Hardy Phillips

I would like to adjourn tonight’s meeting in memory of a beloved member of our community and a dear friend of mine, Cheryl Hardy Phillips, who recently passed away.

Cheryl was an original contributor to the Caribou Club and dedicated her life to supporting those around her.

Those of you with older children who went to school in Santa Clarita have undoubtedly heard stories about Cheryl, who spent 17 years in the 90s and early 2000s as the librarian at Peachland Elementary.

Her time working in the Newhall School District actually began in 1982 at Peachland when she was hired as a teacher’s aid.

She went on to work at Old Orchard Elementary and spent time with Newhall Land and Farm and eventually Valencia Valley Elementary before returning to Peachland.

Cheryl was passionate about more than just books – she truly cared for the teachers and children she worked with and made it her mission to instill a love of reading in each student who visited the library.

When schools nationwide were facing budget cuts over the years, she took charge of writing grants to receive collections of books for students to enjoy.

When Cheryl retired in 2009, former students recalled how she never gave up on them, encouraging them to read more and gain self-confidence that helped them in their later schooling years.

After retirement, she remained active as a volunteer at the school’s library and was part of children’s reading organizations, including the Children’s Literature Council of Southern California.

It is safe to say that Cheryl helped shape the future of so many children in Santa Clarita.

Cheryl is surely missed by so many in our community, and our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.

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