Pedro Roman

I would like to adjourn tonight’s meeting in memory of Pedro Roman, a beloved member of the Santa Clarita community who sadly passed away at the age of 17 following a battle with leukemia.

Pedro was a student at Valencia High School, where he was also a member of the Vikings’ Junior Varsity football team.

Despite his diagnosis in 2019, he never let obstacles get in his way.

Friends and family members at a recent event to celebrate Pedro’s life described him as kind, loyal and the kind of person who made a connection with everyone he met.

In addition to his tenacity on the football field, he was determined to show those around him how much he supported them and how important they are.

And his attitude and personality had and will have a lasting impact in Santa Clarita, not just on his family and close friends, but also the classmates, teachers, community members and students from other schools who came together to offer their support at blood drives and his recent surprise birthday parade at Central Park.

We join all those who knew Pedro in mourning his passing, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

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