Wendy Doss (June 26, 2018)

We adjourn tonight’s meeting in memory of Wendy Doss, a Santa Clarita resident who loved life and gave back as much as she could to the community.

Wendy found beauty in everyday things. When she wasn’t collecting and cherishing antiques and memorabilia, she could be found in her gardens.

She loved nature and spent a large part of her time nurturing her plants and flowers to grow and thrive.

Wendy was also a huge supporter of community-building and worked closely with Homes 4 Families to help low-income veteran and military families thrive, and build a caring community.

Wendy and her husband Richard, attended every Homes 4 Families event they could and really made an impact on the veteran community.

In loving memory of Wendy, Homes 4 Families will be dedicating their Santa Clarita Community Orchard in her honor.

Through the orchard, her love of nature will continue to be shared in this community and will bring joy to Santa Clarita for years to come.

We are saddened to lose Wendy and will miss her compassionate, optimistic and kind presence.

Wendy will be remembered by the loves of her life: her husband, Richard Doss; her four daughters, Michelle, Kelly, Emily, and Olivia; and her four grandchildren.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends as they mourn their loss. She will be greatly missed by all.

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