Barry Gump (4/25/17)

We adjourn tonight’s meeting in memory of Barry Gump, former CEO of Andy Gump and a well-known Santa Clarita Valley resident and philanthropist who always found time to give back to his community.

Barry helped his father Massena “Andy” Gump start Andy Gump Temporary Site Services in the 1940s. Barry and his brother Bill fashioned scrap plywood into portable restrooms in the garage of their Mission Hills home.

Shortly thereafter, the business started to bloom and soon the term “Andy Gump” became synonymous with portable restrooms in Southern California.

Barry assumed leadership of the company in the 1970s. He became a licensed electrical contractor and the company expanded into temporary power for construction sites.

In 1985 Barry moved the company’s headquarters to Santa Clarita and since then has become a staple in our community.

Barry retired four years ago and his daughter Nancy took over as CEO, welcoming the family’s third generation into the business.

We will always be appreciative of Barry’s efforts and love for this City and thank him for his dedication in making Santa Clarita a better place.

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