Carol Kieczykowski (3/24/15)

Tonight, we adjourn in memory of Carol Kieczykowski (Kach-e-cow-ski), beloved wife to our City Librarian Ed Kiecykowski (Kach-e-cow-ski).

Carol passed away on February 28, 2015 following a 20-year battle with cancer surrounded by her entire extended family.

After meeting while she worked in a library, Carol and Ed enjoyed over 40 years together, living from coast to coast, raising their sons, Scott and Ryan and watching their family grow with the addition of four grandchildren.

Carol’s love of young children and bright smile, coupled with her outstanding teaching abilities, helped her to build a distinguished career as an award winning educator, a trusted mentor to countless other teachers and a published author of numerous teaching guides.    

Carol’s battle with cancer did not change her outlook on life nor who she was. Carol continued to teach for 17 years, and, it’s said that many did not even know of her struggle until she retired in 2011 due to the progression of her disease.

Carol was caring, loving, energetic, and talented, had boundless perseverance, and was fiercely committed to her students, friends and family.

She touched the lives of all those around her and on behalf of the entire Council I want to express our deepest sympathies to Ed and his entire family.

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