Frank Pinto (5/13/14)

Along with Jim, we are proud to honor another American Hero tonight, Mr. Frank Pinto.

Frank was a first-generation American and a veteran of the U.S. Army and National Guard.

He was born in 1919 in Providence, Rhode Island… and was one of six children!

Frank’s parents emigrated from Sicily to the U.S. in pursuit of the American dream. Frank fought to keep that dream alive by serving in the Army during WWII.

He married his childhood sweetheart, Lucille, who he met when he was just 10 years old. They raised two children and lived in the San Fernando Valley for 45 years.

Frank retired at 68 and moved to Santa Clarita to enjoy his golden years. He passed on April 11, just a week shy of his 95th birthday.

He is survived by his two children, Phillip and Darlene, as well as eight grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren and his two sisters, Lillian and Tina.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Frank’s family during this time. Though he may have left us, his love for his family, his country and his community will live on forever.

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